Energy Information Admin

The U.S. Energy Information has a very graphical page that illustrated the big electrical power pools nationwide. It shows daily predicted, produces, and consumed energy.

Solar Energy Ind. Association

The SEIA, a non-profit organization is promoting solar in a big way. Their site has tons of great news and industry information. View the exciting maps, infographics, and articles.


This solar information site has everything you want to know about solar. It is filled with valuable tips, articles, and links. There is even a tool to get quotes from contractors.


The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the go-to organization for proper solar training and work ethic. If you don't work with my company, choose wisely.


The National Renewable Energy Lab. provides scientific research, verification, and growth for the Solar PV industry. A very informative site to get lost in the technological side. Enjoy!

Project Sunroof

Have you heard of Google? View Project Sunroof Depending on your location, you will find an aerial map of your home illustrating the solar potential offered. Plus other valuable solar information.

Questions about solar panel durability?

This video tests SolarWorld modules. Most modules go through similar testing. Tier 1 manufacturers have similar results.

Large Scale Solar

Utility companies are the reason the price of solar has dropped so drastically in the last 10 years. Do they know something you don't?

How Solar Panels Work

Thoroughly descriptive video describing important facts about solar and how it works.

The Electric Grid

The basics of how electricity is distributed across the country. Plus an introduction to smart grid technology.

Making The Meter Spin Backwards

Here is a brief unbiased explanation of how the utilities credit you for solar power not used in your home.

Solar Backup

A real-world video description of how storage works with solar. An east coast utility company with a new world vision of electrical supply. Check it out!